TBR Membrane Co., Ltd. was established in Heisei 26. The philosophy of the company is to strive to spread clean water all over the world.

(Transmitting clean water to every corner of the earth)

The company adopts a high-standard manufacturing concept to continuously respond to the world's growing water demands and challenges. Infuse innovation into the development and culture of the company, so as to promote the continuous development and progress of the society, provide customers with better and safer products, and create more value.

Since its establishment, the company has introduced international advanced water treatment technology and applied it to various fields. Industrial wastewater, municipal water, reclaimed water, no matter what kind of water treatment is used, our society will treat it with consistent spirit and philosophy. The employees of the company have always adhered to the spirit of "customer first, innovation first, and value creation", and brought these water treatment technologies to all corners of the world.

TBR Membrane Co., Ltd. takes it as its responsibility to continue to protect the earth and human beings. Facing the growing challenges of water resources, it is the driving force for its own sustainable development. Deliver clean water to every corner that can be reached.