Reclaimed WaterSituation

With the increasing destruction of the earth's environment by industrial development, clean water has become a valuable resource.

In order to effectively control the pollution of water environment and improve the utilization of water resources, reclaimed water technology has become one of the increasingly popular technologies in the world today.

Our T-membrane products can efficiently produce high-purity water and provide high-quality renewable water resources for water used in life and production.

Introduction of Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water is to treat domestic sewage or industrial wastewater with advanced technology to remove all kinds of impurities, toxic and harmful substances and some heavy metal ions in polluted water until the water become colorless, tasteless and clear, which meets or is better than the relevant water standards stipulated by the state, and then it can be used back for enterprise production or residential life.

The core of the Reclaimed Water system is: ultrafiltration membrane, nanofiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane and other products, which will be widely used in zero discharge, sewage reuse, brackish water desalination, ultrapure water purification, civil water purification and other fields in the future.

Zero discharge is the top model of reclaimed water, water shortages and strict discharge standard restrictions have made zero discharge more and more accepted everywhere.Sewage standard discharge and zero discharge are two completely different levels.The realization of zero discharge mainly depends on the biochemical standard treatment of terminal sewage, and then the general technology of double membrane desalination treatment, after treatment back to the production system for utilization. According to the current treatment technology, after desalting treatment, fresh water is reused, concentrated salt water is concentrated and retreated for reduction, concentrated water is sent to evaporation and crystallization at the end, and treated in the form of solid waste, and no liquid is discharged into the environment again.

Reclaimed Water case

Industrial water reuse

Zero discharge treatment in a chemical industrial park in Jiangsu province

Treatment process:Biochemical treatment + activated coke adsorption +UF+RO system

Treatment scale: 2000m3/d

Technical features: salt separation crystallization, realize the resource utilization of waste salt; RO membrane produces water for reuse

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